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UFOs and nothing but UFOs! Play the latest UFO videos from YouTube without using the YouTube application. Filter them by state or country. Choose from lists of popular UFO Channels and feature films. View UFO sightings reports as well as historical maps.

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Tomorrow Never Knows / I’m Ready Now

A Beatles cover combined with my tune tacked onto the end. The percussion comes from Zakir Hussein and Leon Parker. Prince Medusa reaches enlightenment and is ready to return home to Mpondoland.

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Jaseeka’s Highway Samba

Prince Medusa takes to the open road, destinationless, seeking freedom and relief from his oppressive state of mind. Afronicus hears faint strains of a song he and Jaseeka enjoyed during their early years of carefree travel. The melody and harmony portions are culled from the Allman Brothers tune “Jessica”. Percussion taken from Mickey Hart and Planet Drum.

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More Songs From My Album

  • Dani Duke

    Home is Mpondoland

    This 12/8 tune is a dressed
    up version of Fidel Pondo's "Ikhaya"
    (the African low drums and singing).
  • Dani Duke

    Thought Dance

    Based on "Freedom Jazz Dance".
    Inspired by "Elephant Talk".
  • Dani Duke

    Monkey Mind

    All about the minds natural
    tendency to continually identify
    with objects and inner drives.
  • Dani Duke

    Early Checkout

    A supermarket experience
    as metaphor for suicidalĀ 
  • Dani Duke

    Letter of War

    I re-purposed an old guitar
    part from 20 years ago to make
    this straight-ahead rock tune.
  • Ducky's Blues

    Mike Cifaldi

  • Ducky's Blues


  • Ducky's Blues


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